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Payments Accepted

PayPal and Worldpay accept payments with all major credit cards such as VISA, MastercCard etc and a payment surcharge of 1.8% or more will be added to your order.

For more information: Please visit: Payment Surcharge

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As our pledge to reduce
the impact on the environment,
DWI is going PAPERLESS. Electronic copies of user manuals can be downloaded in this page.

Payment Options




When buying from international sellers, you are very likely to be surprised by the cost of sending payment overseas due to hidden exchange rate conversion charges most sellers pass on to the consumer, you don't have to worry about that with us as we only charge in Australian dollars and use local Australian merchant facilities.

In short, highlight values of shopping with us:
- No Sending money overseas 
- Variety of Payment options 
- No cross boarder transaction fees for Australia account holders

Payment methods accepted for Australian and New Zealand customers:


Direct merchant facility payments accepted
- Direct Deposit (Only AUD Bank account in Australia available for New Zealand customers)

PayPal merchant facility payments accepted

- Visa / Visa debit card

MasterCard / Debit MasterCard / PrePaid MasterCard
AMEX / American Express

* Please note that if your PayPal account fails to provide us with a confirmed address or if it is an unverified / unregistered account, we may not accept your payment if our risk assessment system deems it unsafe to do so.


WorldPay merchant facility payments accepted
Visa / Visa debit card
MasterCard / Debit MasterCard

*Please note that if you choose to pay by credit card or debit card through Worldpay, please make sure you enter the correct CVC/CCV during checkout.

DWI reserves the right to withhold any order from dispatch in order to process further security checks and this can delay an order for up to 2 working days.

Quick Questions& Answers?


Failed to pay by PayPal/ Worldpay in your order?


If you fail in either one payment gateway, we advise you first to pay with another gateway.
However, if you continue experience failure in placing the order, please contact our customer support team and we could assist you on completing the transaction from our side by sending you a Payment Request through PayPal and by complet
ing the payment by the giving URL.




Do I need to advise you of my payment details?




Paying by PayPal/ Worldpay: - If you select PayPal/ Worldpay as your payment method, you will be redirected to their official secured site and will have the payment processed immediately. We will know your payment after your payment is approved by PayPal/ Worldpay.


Paying by Direct Deposit: - You won't need to notify us of your payment details, as we receive your payment automatically from your bank. Please allow 1-2 weekdays for your payment to reach us from your bank. Just make sure you mark the order number while making the payment.


Do your prices include GST?

As we are an overseas business, we do not charge any GST on our purchase.



Will there be any surcharge for my order?

Except payments by Direct Deposit, a surcharge of 1.8-3.5% will be added to your order depend on the payment gateway and the value of the orders.

For further information about the rate of the surcharge, please visit the following for further detail.






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