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PayPal and Worldpay accept payments with all major credit cards such as VISA, MastercCard etc and a payment surcharge of 1.8% or more will be added to your order.

For more information: Please visit: Payment Surcharge

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As our pledge to reduce
the impact on the environment,
DWI is going PAPERLESS. Electronic copies of user manuals can be downloaded in this page.

  Quick Help Centre


Do you have a store where I can pick up the items?

No, there is no physical store in Australia. We are an online retailer only. All our products are shipped from overseas and sourced from international suppliers.
Do I get Australian charger with my products?

As we source our products globally, the charger will be the international charger depending on the country the product has been sourced from. However, for your convenience, we will supply with an adapter/convertor with the shipment so that your product is ready to use straight out of the box.


How Do I paid in New Zealand dollars?

For customers in New Zealand, the amount in NZD will be based on the exchange rate at the time of ordering since all our transactions are done in AUD. For an approximate exchange rate for today, please refer to  for reference only. For any other fees or international charges please refer to your bank or card issue


Do I have English Manual with my products?

As our pledge to reduce the impact on the environment, DWI is going PAPERLESS and we only offer Electronic version of English manual. Electronic copies of user manuals can be downloaded in this page.
How do I contact DWI-Digital-Cameras-Australia (EBAY)for any issue?
For any e-bay enquires, please contact DWI-Digital-Cameras-Australia’s E-Bay support team by sending them a message using contact seller option  from your E-Bay account.
How long does it take to process the orders?
We have a very fast turnaround time however; it may take 1-7 business days for us to process certain orders depend on certail products(prior to shipping it).
Once the order has been shipped, the estimate time of arrival will be determined by your selected shipping method and your local carrier guidelines for delivery.
Can we place the order on the phone?
No, we do not take orders on the phone. You will have to put the order online by selecting the item, and by “Adding it to your Cart” and following the instructions on the screen.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments via two payment gateways: PayPal and Worldpay. 
Paypal accepts payments with all major credit cards and a surcharge of 1.8%-3.5% will be added to your order. 
Worldpay accepts payments with VISA and MasterCard and a surcharge of 1.8% will be added to your order. 
For more information on payment surcharge, please visit our Payment Surcharge pages:
Do I need to advise you of my payment details?
Paying by PayPal/ WorldPay: - If you select PayPal/ WorldPay as your payment method, you will be redirected to a PayPal/ WorldPay official secured site and will have the payment processed immediately. We will know your payment after your payment is approved by PayPal/ WorldPay.
Paying by Direct Deposit: - You won't need to notify us of your payment details, as we receive your payment automatically from your bank. Please allow 1-2 weekdays for your payment to reach us from your bank. Just make sure you mark the order number while making the payment.
Do your prices include GST?
As we are an overseas business, we do not charge any GST on our purchase.
How do I print my Invoice ?

Printing an invoice is easy.

Please login to your account and click on Order History.
Click on the order number of the invoice you wish to print.
Click on the "Print Invoice" link near the order number.
Will I be notified once my order has been shipped?
Upon the shipment of your order, you will be notified via email of their dispatch. The e-mail will have the tracking number and the details of the courier.
Can I pick up from your warehouse?
Regrettably, there are no pick up options available. All the orders are shipped to the shipping address on the order.
Is my order covered with shipping/transit insurance?
No, if you do not select the shipping insurance
The buyer will have to select the type of shipping once they reach the “Shipping Methods” page as shown in the below picture.
Can I get a Tax Invoice so that I can claim back the GST?
As we are an overseas company, we do not issue any Tax invoice.
I got an email asking for my ID. Is that correct or that’s some scam?
On occasion, we do request customers for some additional information such as IDs for security reasons. The whole purpose of this exercise is to provide protection to both the customer and the company.
Can I get my order shipped without providing the IDs as I am concerned about my privacy?
Digital World International LTD as a business respects your identity and information that you provide to us. As stated on the website, ALL the information collected is used for DWI’s business only. Please refer to the Privacy Policy link below for further information:-
**In case, you are not very comfortable with providing the requested information, please feel free to cancel this order by calling our call centre numbers or by e-mailing us and re-order it using the Direct Deposit payment option on the website.
Why do I need to send further information for my order when I have already paid for the same?
You are being requested for more information as per our company’s policies due to the security reason. Being an online shopping, we want to ensure that the products reach the right customer and the right address.
Can I get the extended warranty for my purchase?
Yes, with most of our products, you can purchase the Extended Warranty. You just need to look for “Options” tab and check the box for warranty that you want to purchase.
How long before can I add the Extended Warranty after I have made the purchase?
You can add the extended warranty upto 30 days from your date of invoice.
There are 2 different Extended Warranty’s Listed on the website. What is the difference?
Mack Diamond: Starts from the date of invoice and covers you for any manufactures defects and/ OR defects caused by end user due to misuse or negligence; except loss and theft.
Mack Extended: Starts after 12 months from the date of invoice and covers only manufacture’s defects. It does not cover the defects caused by misuse or negligence.
What do I need to do for any warranty issues? (This step excludes Mac Diamond Warranty and Mac Extended Warranty (after 12 months)
Fill out the RA form using the below link. Our team will get back to you within 1 business day after the form is received.
1. Incase of Mack Diamond OR
2. Extended International Warranties (after 12 months of purchase), please contact the local authorized service agent of the manufacturer.
** If you have Extended International Warranty and the product is still with in 12 months of purchase, please fill out the above RA form
Do you have offices or Warehouse in Australia? I see the numbers for different states.
No, there are no offices/or warehouse in Australia. We are an overseas business. The numbers on the website are the call centre numbers and your calls get transferred to Hong Kong at a local call rate.
What is your Returns Policy?

DWI provides a 14 days Peace of Mind Policy if you find the product is not quite what you are look for, or change your mind about your purchase, you may request to return the item(s) OR replacement within 14 days from the invoice date to ask for a product refund. For more information, please refer to our terms and condition about the return:

What are the shipping time frames for my order?
     Please refer to the link below
Do I get a discount if I order a large quantity of items?

All prices that are on our site are the best prices that we can offer. Depending on quantity, we may be able to obtain further discounts from our suppliers which we can pass on to you. Please e-mail the details to [email protected] and we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.

I got my product and it works perfectly, but the plugs seems different to what I have with other electronics, why was it?

We source our products internationally for best price and value to our customers.
Therefore, products might have different version to what you have seen in Australia and New Zealand region. Also, the original genuine plug might be different. However, for the convenience of our valuable customer, we will include an adaptor or AU plug cable with the products you have order.


If I have more questions, how can I contact your company?


For the instant replied, customer can contact our CS through the live chat system at the bottom right corner of the webpage, or can use our phone support:


NSW: (02) 8005 6499
ACT: (02) 6100 3950
VIC: (03) 9015 7714
QLD: (07) 3102 3599
WA: (08) 9467 7950
SA: (08) 8121 5714
NZ  (09) 889 8863


Or Can sent mail to us through Email: [email protected]

Please be expected to receive our email replied in 24 business hours. 




Q: Why would I find my Apple product I received has been activated?


A: In some circumstances, which is more likely on Apple LTE version items, you may find your Apple item has been activated a month ago due to the below reason: 1) quality checking by our product support team; 2) exporting requirements.  However, please be assured the item we sent to you is brand new and 100% original. Also please be reminded that our item(s) sent to you is/are brand new, you are only able to return it in the case the item(s) you received is faulty or DOA. This reason is not valid to request for a replacement.


Q: Why was the box of my product not sealed? It says on the box do not accept if seal is broken




In some circumstances (most likely on mobile and tablet products) we have to randomly open the boxes due to our internal checks / audits that we do when we receive these products from our suppliers.


This is because we source our products globally and from different suppliers from time to time to get the best price for our customers and due to this , we need to ensure that the products are upto standard , have all the accessories and the Language is set up in English (only where the product is sourced from a non-English) speaking country.


Rest assured the product is all brand new and genuine and will have same warranty.

For this very reason and for our customers satisfaction , we cannot always guarantee seal pack boxes for our mobiles and tablets . Only exclusion to this is Apple products





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